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Around the world in 6 gins: a gin-tasting adventure

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Sweet Libations: Zymurgorium Sweet Violet Gin

Last year I attended the Gin Festival at the Edinburgh Corn Exchange. Yes, it was as amazing as it sounds! A whole festival dedicated to fantastic gins from all over the world.

It was at the festival that I first sampled Zymurgorium’s Sweet Violet Gin and had to buy a bottle right there and then.

Gin Festival Edinburgh, Gin Blog, Life According to Gin

This sweet and fragrant gin liqueur has been flavoured with Violet and it is just superb. Every time I taste it, I’m thrown back to childhood with the familiar and somewhat nostalgic taste of Parma Violets. Continue reading

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Gin, will you be my Valentine?

Happy Valentine’s everyone!

Gin Valentine's card. You're the gin to my tonic. Gin and tonic. Gin blog.

Hope you are enjoying a great day with the ones you love (yes, that includes gin!).

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Birthday beverages: Isle of Harris Gin

So recently it was the birthday of a certain Mr J Harris and in my mind there was only one perfect gift. It had to be Isle of Harris Gin.

Isle of Harris Gin Review at Life According to Gin

I can’t say that this gin had been on my radar for very long, but from the first moment I saw it, I knew I had to have it…

Continue reading

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Christmas cracker: G&T bath set

It’s that time of year again. The Christmas tree is up, the lights are twinkling and ‘The Fear’ has taken hold.

Yes, that’s right folks – it’s Christmas shopping season.

But picking gifts for your gin-loving family and friends needn’t  be a chore this year! Last month, when I was in Arran, we were doing our usual browse around the local shops and I discovered these great little finds. The perfect gift for any gin lover (besides an actual bottle of gin)…

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Stormy seas: Blackwoods Vintage Dry and Portobello Road Gin

As a Glasgow born boy and having grown up and lived in the west coast of Scotland for near enough all of my days, I guess it may come as a surprise to many that I had never visited the beautiful Isle of Arran. That is until the ripe old age of 24. Last autumn, I was fortunate enough to be taken on a weekend getaway across the water to a beautiful hotel in Lamlash. A hotel with the most gorgeous views of the Holy Isle.  It was a wash out, but nonetheless a fantastic weekend.

This year, to relive the magic, we found a brilliant deal for a lovely boutique hotel, Altachorive, and packed our bags.

Now we should have learned from our past mistakes…

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And so it begins…

Hello, and welcome to!

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See you soon!

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