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So recently it was the birthday of a certain Mr J Harris and in my mind there was only one perfect gift. It had to be Isle of Harris Gin.

Isle of Harris Gin Review at Life According to Gin

I can’t say that this gin had been on my radar for very long, but from the first moment I saw it, I knew I had to have it…

IMG_6274Beside being aptly named, it was the complete uniqueness of it all that captured my attention. Not only is the bottle design absolutely fantastic, but the integration of Sugar Kelp as a key flavour had me completely intrigued. The whole brand evokes the imagination and captures the essence of the Island and indeed Scotland so I immediately added it to my basket and checked out.

For that all-important first taste, I chose to follow the distiller’s advice and accompanied my tonic with a slice of pink grapefruit. This was most definitely the right choice and complemented the gin perfectly. I found that (unlike some of the other gins I’ve sampled) this gin is beautifully smooth and it’s flavour combination is subtle enough to enhance the taste, rather than detract from it. It was utterly refreshing and I would even go as far as to say delicious.

Isle of Harris Gin Review at Life According to Gin. Gin with Pink Grapefruit.Now this may be completely psychosomatic, but I definitely felt that the Sugar Kelp added a certain sweetness. This helped harmonise the flavours and made it delicious on it’s own and without any added garnishes. (And let’s be honest, if you are anything like me, zesting a grapefruit on a Tuesday night after a hard day at work just ain’t gon’ happen.)

Still, this gin made it on to the favourite list pretty quickly  and we polished off the bottle in under a week! I’m not entirely sure if I’m proud of that or not, but I guess it speaks volumes to the quality and taste of this Scottish gin.

If you’re looking for a new gin to try, I can’t recommend this highly enough.

And remember to share the love and let me know what you think of Isle of Harris Gin!

Until next time – Chin Chin!

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