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Recently, I had to buy a present for my parents, so I went with something that was perfectly aligned with their (and my) love of gin. (If you’re anything like me, you’ll just love buying a gift for ‘them’, that’s really a gift for you).

Being a true ‘wegie’, and discovering the wonderful marvel that is Cup and Gin71, I decided that going back to the motherland (Glasvegas) for a gin tasting would be the perfect present and win me the much coveted title of ‘favourite child’. And thus, vouchers for Gin71’s new location, Virginia Bar, were purchased.

Each session starts with an overview of juniper and gin, and is followed by the tastings of 6 different gins. On this occasion, we attended the “Gins from around the world’ theme tasting session. As Scots, we’re spoiled for choice when it comes to first-rate gins, so it was a fantastic opportunity to try some gins we wouldn’t normally have tried.

Find out more about the gin’s we tried (and my findings!) below:

  • West Winds (Sabre) Gin – Australia – 40% – Dry and floral, this gin was much fuller bodied without ice, with the ice changing it’s structure and making it much lighter. This was served finally with lemon and elderflower tonic and was very pleasant indeed.
  • Gin Mare – Spain (Barcelona) – 42.7% – Probably (definitely) my favourite of the evening, this gin has all the Mediterranean flavours – rosemary, basil, thyme and olives. It almost has salty, focaccia flavourings, but perhaps that’s all in the mind. Served with Fevertree Mediterranean Tonic and sprig of rosemary and you’re in for a treat.
  • Citadelle Gin – France – 44% – Citadelle had a warm and spicy, nutmeg/cinnamon flavouring and was very alcoholic/strong. The ice definitely changed the flavour and softened it considerably. Garnished with a cinnamon stick, the end pour did look great.

  • Dorothy Parker Gin – USA (Brooklyn, New York) – 44% – Strong alcohol taste, floral, petals. American gins just aren’t to my taste buds.
  • Monkey 47 – Germany (Black Forrest) – 47% – Made with 47 different botanicals (wow!), this gin is just delicious. Paired with black pepper corns (cracked/un-cracked – whichever you have to hand) this gin will give you all sorts of primal delights.
  • Jinzu – Scotland – 41.3% – This gin is made in Scotland, although it’s flavours and styling take inspiration from Japan. I would be lying if I said this one went down easily. It’s not top of my list, but each to their own.
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