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Hi, welcome to

I’m Ross, a “twenty-something” year old who decided one day that he was going to write a blog. And best of all – it was going to be a gin blog.

I decided to start this blog as a reason to indulge in a great passion of mine – gin! Over the past few years my interest in gin has steadily grown. It started off slow: a G&T here; a Gin & Cranberry there. But soon I was hooked and before I knew what had happened, I was subscribed to monthly clubs, attending festivals and procuring fine gins from across the globe.

Ross | Gin Blog | Life According to GinI can’t say I’m an “expert in botanicals”, or know what “the maximum methanol content of a London Dry Gin” is, but I do know what tastes good,  how to make a mean cocktail, and (more importantly) how to enjoy excellent gin.  So thus began my blog.

Life According to Gin, is a glimpse into my life as told by the gins I taste. By day, I’m a Marketing Manager based in Edinburgh and I’m completely inspired by creative campaigns, customer experience and all things brand related. So through this blog, I hope to showcase and share some of the things that interest me in relation to gin. Great cocktails, gin-featuring products, recipes, and my reviews of some of the world’s greatest gins and the bars that serve them.

So come in. Sit down. Take a look around, and let us share a drink.